Opening Keynote: The big piece of the post-LAMP pie

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Maria Shoaib

The advent of the cloud disrupted the software stack. The shift from the LAMP era to the cloud resulted in the shift of the software status quo. JavaScript is the biggest piece of the new, post-LAMP pie. It’s not only a front-end scripting language, but a software stack game changer that is equally powerful for both the front-end and back-end. The aim of this talk is to show how Javascript is one of the major platforms that is shaking up the stack landscape.

The first half of the talk will cover the key drivers of the shift of the software status quo, touching upon the areas of deployment, integration, scalability, customization, and, distributed systems architecture.
The second half will show the difference between stacks that once upon a time were more varied between client and server, due to JavaScript is now more fluid and homogeneous, with numerous frameworks like Koa, Meteor, React, and, Angular.
The talk will be concluded by sharing resources with the attendees as migrations from the LAMP stack is as much a technical change as it is a cultural one.

Required knowledge: Basics of Cloud computing, LAMP stack, Distributed Systems, and, JavaScript.


What are the key takeaways from this talk?

  1. Realize the (r)evolution in the software stack.
  2. Understand the key drivers of this (r)evolution.
  3. Realize the significance of JavaScript as a platform in this (r)evolution.
  4. Be able to incorporate change in your work/personal projects using the resources shared in the talk.

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